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BumbleBee is a browser-based, web site designed specifically for the smaller screens of mobile devices. BumbleBee supports interactivity whether to easily find your location, place an order or capture attention and direct people to a full-featured web site. If you have a web site, BumbleBee can be used to increase site traffic. If you don’t have a web site, BumbleBee may be all you need.

It's Not An App
Flexible Design
User Modifiable
It's Not An App

Although it looks like an app, there is nothing to download and install, no user registration required and it operates on any mobile device that can read a web page - iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. User controls are designed for fingers and text is displayed at a properly readable size so users don’t struggle with a scaled version of a desktop site.


BumbleBee incorporates multiple buttons that can be linked to a full-featured web site, social media or document sources. It puts essential information at their fingertips.

• Find Your Business
• Place an Order
• Call a Cab
• Book an Appointment
• Check-out Your Menu
• Get Help
• Make a Donation

Flexible Design

There are several standard BumbleBee designs and custom layouts are also available. All are based on a common set of updatable content elements. We can emulate the look-and-feel of your desktop site or give you something completely different.

User Modifiable

BumbleBee includes an integrated content management system which is extremely easy to operate, even from a mobile device, and allows customization of many site features. Here is just a partial list.

• Scrolling image banner
• Colours & theme settings
• Site text in up to 4 areas
• Buttons and prompts
• Map integration
• Contact information

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